lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011


Some issues and ideas: 


B&W movie:   

Famous American places (New York, Florida) looking similar among them and different from the perspective that previous films offered of those cities. Suburban images. No charm at all.

THE NEW WORLD / PARADISE (two blocks of the film as the same) 
 Eddie: "The funny thing is you go to another place and it looks the same" 

Eva, the "spell" and the Paradise / Eva and the identity as a personal construction. No need of adapting or changing herself to be accepted.

Bela-Willy: hidden identity: "as american as you" / Presence of TV
Willy and the "american way" vs. Bela : the desire of imposing his idea of America on her: the dress, the teaching about how "we eat here", on how to name "the alligator", on how to call him,  which streets she must avoid, HOW TO BEHAVE AS AN AMERICAN. To be and to behave.

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